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Post Natal Jamu Massage Therapy and Tummy Binding

A complete treatment consisting of a rejuvenating Javanese Massage, a soothing wrap, and the renowned Selendang Tummy Binding Technique, highly recommended for a mother's post-delivery. This treatment aids in a faster recovery and healing process, tightens and tones the abdomen, repositions internal organs, promotes lymphatic drainage, treats stretch marks, redefines the waistline and improves body posture minimizing back pain. It also treats "trapped winds" that can cause postpartum depression

Breast Lactation and Lifting Massage

A gentle application of massage therapy and manual lymph drainage which aids in helping a mother cope with discomfort during pregnancy, milk production, breastfeeding, weaning and lactation mastitis. It also supports the breasts to assist in keeping them healthy and in better shape and for the prevention of breast cancer.

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Pre Natal Massage

A pampering massage for moms-to-be to help relieve muscle tension, reduce swelling and lessen sciatic pain. This massage also increases nutrients and oxygen to both mother and baby through increased circulation.

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Baby Massage

Promotes psycho-social, physiological and physical growth in infants. This massage reduces discomfort from common ailments such as colic, gas, congestion, teething and emotional stress. In addition it helps to improve a baby's sleep pattern.

For free consultation and further booking enquiries, get in touch at +852- 64310699 (whatsapp/sms/call).

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