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Baby Massage Service

Promotes psycho-social, physiological, and physical growth in infants. This massage reduces discomfort from common ailments such as colic, gas, congestion, teething and emotional stress. In addition, it helps to improve a baby's sleep pattern.

Baby Massage Hong Kong

What is Baby Massage

A baby massage is the gentle, almost melodic caressing of your baby’s body with your hands; in this case is the hands of a trained massage therapist. Babies also feel stress. Our therapist will also guide you so that you will also learn how to do the massage by yourself.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Babies are sensitive to emotional cues; thus, they too feel stress. Especially living in an active and busy city like Hong Kong. We feel relaxed after a massage, so will a baby too. A baby massage will facilitate the baby’s body awareness and is a sensory stimulation. Not only that, your baby will sleep better, relieve gas and colic symptoms, improve their blood circulation and boost their immune system.

baby Massage

You and your baby can enjoy this unique baby massage in Hongkong with the help of our licensed therapists. They will guide you on how to do the baby massage by yourself. Doing the baby massage will help build the bond between you and your baby.

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