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The Importance of Postpartum Belly Massage Is Postpartum Belly Massage Necessary?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Your body starts recovering the moment after you deliver your baby. The physical stress mothers go through during a normal delivery takes a huge toll on their bodies. As much as you want to get your old body back, it will take some time. If you experienced difficult childbirth, you need more time to recover.

Bearing a child is not all sunshine and rainbows. After giving birth, you have to recover as fast as you can to take care of your child. Postnatal massage is a helpful method to speed up your recovery. Massages are traditionally considered as a therapy for sick people. It has always been known to effectively rejuvenate the body and the mind.

Prenatal and postnatal massages have always been a tradition in other cultures. It was believed to help pregnant women have an easier delivery and recovery. We’re here to find out, is postpartum belly massage really important?

The Uterus

As the baby develops, the uterus expands to make space for the developing baby. To give you an idea, the upper part of the uterus is located right at the belly button. Around the eighth to the ninth month, you will find it just below the bottom of the mother’s ribs.

As the uterus goes back to its normal size, the mom will experience belly cramps. These painful cramps are the result of the contraction in the uterus as it shrinks. It should go away after a few days. If it continues to persist, contact your health care provider immediately.

The Vagina

After having a normal delivery, the mom will have a bloody vaginal discharge called Lochia. This bleeding is normal and will last for 24 to 36 days. This is the body’s way to remove mucus, dead tissue, bacteria, and blood from your uterus. Moms who had cesarean delivery are most likely to experience a shorter discharge.

Postpartum Belly Massage

A pregnant woman’s body was constantly under pressure for nine months. It is important to keep the mother’s physical and mental health in a good condition after giving birth. During pregnancy, the mother’s organs adjust to make space for the developing fetus. After giving birth, not all organs go back to their proper place. With the help of postpartum belly massage, the recovery process may be a lot easier. Professional therapists can reposition the organs back to their proper place while providing a relaxing belly massage.

For mommies who had a c-section delivery, you have to talk to your doctor first as the incision requires special care.

postpartum belly massage
postpartum belly massage


Belly massages can increase circulation around the abdominal area and help with proper organ alignment. It can also speed up the process of eliminating any unnecessary bodily fluids inside the body like lochia. It is also used by professionals to help the uterus shrink into its normal size. It can also release tension from the belly area and ease the pain, while greatly improving blood flow around the abdomen area that may reduce stretch marks.

Postpartum hemorrhage is a rare condition that affects 1-5 in a hundred women. On the other hand, uterine prolapse is a common condition where the uterus descends to your vagina because of a lack of support. Belly or womb massage can be beneficial for both conditions. It is an effective way to reduce blood flow in postpartum hemorrhage, while belly massage can quicken the recovery of muscles around the area to prevent uterine prolapse.

Massages are naturally therapeutic and relaxing. During a relaxing therapy session, studies have shown that four of our happy hormones are released. When this happens, the level of stress hormones and the chances of postpartum depression is significantly reduced. It will also keep the mom feeling rejuvenated after every session.

Is it necessary?

All in all, postpartum belly massage is beneficial for women. Your condition after giving birth may depend on answering this question. Some women may be just fine without it, but some may be required to do it. Considering the benefits of this massage, necessity or not, will do you more good than harm. Keep in mind that postpartum massages should only be done by professionals. Always consult with your doctor before coming up with a final decision.

Doing extensive research with the guidance of your health care provider about a certain treatment is never bad for you. Postnatal care is often overlooked by most new moms as they are more focused on the health of their newborn baby. Your health is just as important as your child's. Rejuvenate yourself while nurturing your baby.

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